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Definition of Emphysema

Definition of Emphysema | what is the definition of Emphysema?   Emphysema is a chronic lung disease marked by destruction of the alveolar air sacs, the tiny compartments where oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange take place. The lungs are really a huge, thin membrane that permits gases to pass between the air and the blood.

Nursing Diagnosis for HIV AIDS Patient

Nursing Diagnosis for HIV AIDS Patient | HIV AIDS Overview   The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) standard case definition of AIDS categorizes HIV infection and AIDS in adults and adolescents on the basis of clinical conditions associated with HIV infection and CD4+ T-cell counts. There are four categories of infected states have

Nursing Care Plan for HIV AIDS Patient

Nursing Care Plan for HIV AIDS Patient | HIV AIDS Overview   Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) is defined as the most severe form of a continuum of illnesses associated with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection. HIV belongs to a group of viruses known as retroviruses. These viruses carry their genetic material in the form of

Certified Nursing Assistant

A Certified Nursing Assistant is a nursing assistant who has passed the exam and been certified by the state.   A nursing assistant who works in a nursing home or in home care must be certified by the state. In 1987, the Congress of the United States passed a law called the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation

Nursing Assistant Salary

Nursing assistant is a person who has passed a nursing assistant training and competency evaluation program (NATCEP).   While being a nursing assistant offers a good salary and the satisfaction of helping others in medical need, it may not be a very desirable long-term career path for someone who wants to be deeply involved in
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